“The 27-year-old Eero Lehtimäki made such a big impression on Gergiev, that just a few minutes before the concert he decided to hand over the task of conducting the opening number of the concert, the ballet version of Ravel’s Ma mère l’Oye, to Lehtimäki.

Lehtimäki himself must have been the one most surprised, but he did a great job. He held his nerves and he trusted in himself. That is a sign of strong professional skill.

Lehtimäki seemed to enjoy the role of a storyteller. He conducted with clear, broad and confident touch, created an atmosphere of enchantment of a fairytale, lightly dancing movement and picked up delicious and descriptive details from the transparent texture of fantasy throughout the journey.”

Hannu-Ilari Lampila, Helsingin Sanomat 19.8.2016

“As the conductor young Eero Lehtimäki avoided all pointless gesticulation, he focused on the essential, like some Richard Strauss. But when needed, he was also vigorously rhythmical.”

Eero Tarasti, Amfion 25.9.2017